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Please share what makes your restless legs worse

What contributes to your restless legs?


Despite millions of people suffering from restless legs syndrome, there are still no definitive answers about what causes it.

Restless legs isn’t well documented from a medical standpoint. It’s difficult to describe the unusual sensations and discomfort to doctors, which makes it hard for them to diagnose or advise how it could be helped.

It would be useful for us sufferers to compare notes on what causes or contributes to our restless legs. We might be able to help each other come up with some answers!


Let’s note down

1. What restless legs looks like for all of us

2. What we think contributes to it

3. Any other medical info that could possibly be related


Here is mine:

1. If I didn’t take any steps to prevent or treat my restless legs, I would start to feel it about 8pm and would be kept awake all night usually until about 4am, when it starts to die down and I can get to sleep.  My legs feel really tingly and uncomfortable and I want to keep moving them around.

2. It is much worse if I’ve been jogging or running in the previous few days. I also get it if I’ve been on my feet a lot, particularly if I haven’t had sports shoes on.

3. I’ve had shin splints from running for as long as I can remember and I also have quite collapsed arches in my feet.


Please share your experience below and we’ll see if there are any common threads that we can all learn from. 

If you have any remedies, please put them on the SHARE REMEDIES page.


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