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Please share what has helped you with your restless legs

What helps your restless leg syndrome?


Restless legs seems to be a different experience for everyone that has it. Remedies which help one person won’t necessarily help another. One of my aims for this website is for us to share ideas that we can all benefit from.

Following is a list of all the cures and remedies I have heard of that people use to treat their restless legs. 

Only a few of these remedies have helped me and some I haven’t tried.  I’ve included this page in the hope that that if a remedy has helped one person, it might help another.


Food and supplements

Increase magnesium
Increase iron
Increase vitamin D
Increase potassium
Increase water consumption throughout the day
Decrease sugar
Decrease coffee, tea and stimulants
Medical marijuana
Eliminate wheat from the diet
The FODMAP diet
Drinking tonic water


For the body

Meditation or relaxation exercises
Placing the feet higher than the head
Hot bath
Bath with Epsom salts
Hot pack or cold pack
Submerging legs in hot and cold water, alternately, to flush toxins
Wear heel cups in shoes
Wear compression tights
Massaging the legs
A walk just before bedtime


Please leave a comment below if there are any remedies that have helped you that I should add to the list.

It might also be useful for us to compare notes on what causes or contributes to our restless legs. Please do this on the SHARE CAUSES page.



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